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Period Property Photography Hertford Hertfordshire. Professional photography in Herts, my photos stand out compared to regular estate agents images.

Period Property Photography Hertford

Located in Port Hill in Hertford is this very recognisable property just next to Hartham Common.

Period Property Photography Hertford

With some lovely period features, none better that the main bedroom ensuite. The owners had some lovely design ideas and I loved the soap tins as well as the ‘Crapper’ toilet.

Period Property Photography Hertford

Moving downstairs in between the hall and kitchen we find this lovely area. The main focus is the décor with stunning original floor and wall tiles. The house is set on a very steep hill, so to get light coming in through the windows I had to get out my 3.5 metre stand to ensure I could get the correct angle that would mimic sunlight. I also had to do the same with the kitchen space to the rear of the photo. So that some of my fake sunlight hitting the fridge and oven. This space I made brighter so the viewer’s eye would be drawn through the shot to the rear.

Period Property Photography Hertford

Now for the reverse angle which again gives you a great view of the wonderful floor tiles. I really liked this property as it was quirky but had great design. I asked the owners if they would sell it but they would have to leave all of their stuff as it all went well together.

Period Property Photography Hertford

Finally A quick look into the main living room. A fabulous fireplace but I liked the lamp shade and the window shutters personally. Again a quirky house with fantastic style and history.


This property is coming onto the market with Thomas Childs and Co who are based in Hertford.


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